Caterpillar Next Gen Excavator Camaro Debuts at Texas Motor Speedway and Generates 18th-Place Finish

“We had our hands full today. Turns 1 and 2 were super tight. Crew chief Luke Lambert and the team made a series of changes during the first half of the race, but for whatever reason, we could not get the Caterpillar Next Gen Excavator Camaro ZL1 to respond until 125 laps remaining. We started to make some headway, but an untimely caution put us down 2 laps so we needed a break. It just did not work out in our favor. Fortunately we had that caution to go into overtime and we were able to gain a few spots in the end to finish in the top 20. I want to thank all the folks from Caterpillar and the companies represented on our car for designing the coolest Excavator I have ever seen. I also want to thank the over 175 guests who watched us compete here in Texas.”

– Ryan Newman